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Canadian wildfires bring haze to Columbus

Learn what air quality index is and how it may impact you in Columbus, OH during the Canadian wildfires.

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Have you noticed the recent smog over Columbus? | Photo via Canva

Even though the Canadian border is 400+ miles away from Columbus, the city is still seeing impacts from our distant northern neighbor.

Canada has been experiencing wildfires recently + as a result, haze and smog has made its way to Columbus. What does this mean? We’re glad you asked.

Air quality index measures levels of pollution in the air and then ranks it on a scale of 0-300+. This week, Columbus has stayed around the 150 mark due to the fires. Experts consider this air quality as poor and advise caution for children, older adults, and anyone with lung conditions. For those that fall into those categories, consider being cautious while doing outdoor activities, as shortness of breath may occur.

Weather experts extended the air quality warning through yesterday, and some predict the haze will be here to stay for at least three more days.

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