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What to know about the $1.5 billion bond package before you vote

Take a closer look at Issues 14-18 which range from affordable housing to parks improvements.

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Forget to send your absentee ballot? You can drop it off at the Franklin County Board of Elections before 7:30 p.m. today. | Photo by CBUStoday

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After months of campaigning, it all comes down to today — election day. Polls are open from 6:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m. and we’re making sure you’re informed before you hop in the booth.

Earlier this year, the city proposed a bond package that totals $1.5 billion, and today, we’re taking a closer look.

What is on the ballot?

This bond package comprises Issues 14-18 where the city hopes to invest money in various government agencies. These would provide improvements to police and fire departments (Issue 14), recreation and parks (Issue 15), affordable housing (Issue 16), public service (Issue 17), and public utilities (Issue 18).

By the numbers

According to the city’s website, this ballot issue would not add to property taxes or create a new tax.

  • Issue 14: $300 million for facility improvements, fire apparatus replacement, and new substations.
  • Issue 15: $200 million for recreation centers, facility upgrades, park + playground development, bikeways, and general improvements.
  • Issue 16: $200 million for affordable housing and neighborhood investment.
  • Issue 17: $250 million for sidewalk safety improvements, alley resurfacing, bridge rehab, and neighborhood improvements.
  • Issue 18: $550 million for water system upgrades, sanitary and storm systems, and street light systems.

Zooming in

Here’s a detailed view on how the city plans to spend some of this money, according to press releases.

  • Issue 14
    • $33 million for fire facility renovations
    • $30 million to police facility renovations
    • $18 million for fire apparatus replacement
    • $219 million for the Franklin County Municipal Court building
  • Issue 15
    • $100 million for planned renovations and replacements
    • $48 million for new green space and parks
    • $24 million for large and small program projects for rental + golf and sports facilities
    • $14 million to acquire to land
    • $8 million for emergency replacements
    • $6 million for unanticipated, time-sensitive projects