Do you know all eight presidents from Ohio?

President’s Day is on Monday, Feb. 19, and we are diving into Ohio’s rich history with putting political figures in the White House.

CBUStoday Ohio Presidents

William H. Harrison, Ohio’s first president (left); and Warren G. Harding, Ohio’s last president (right).| Photos via The White House

Ohio is known as the Buckeye State, but did you know many refer to it as the “Mother of Presidents”?

This is because our state is home to eight presidents throughout America’s history. And in honor of President’s Day, we are laying out all of Ohio’s rich connections to Washington DC.

William Henry Harrison

  • 9th president (1841)
  • Lived in North Bend when elected

Harrison is the first president to have his photo taken, but he is also the first president to die in office. It’s been reported that he contracted a cold that developed into pneumonia. He served the shortest presidency in US history, only in office for 32 days.

Ulysses S. Grant

  • 18th president (1869-1877)
  • Birthplace: Pt. Pleasant

Grant is most famous for his time before office — specifically in 1865 when he led the Union to a victory over the Confederacy during the Civil War. He also played a major role in removing some of the inhumane slavery laws of that time.

Rutherford B. Hayes

  • 19th president (1877-1881)
  • Birthplace: Delaware

Hayes is the closest Columbusites can get to claiming a president, as he grew up just 30 minutes outside the city. He was known as a man of honor and reform. For example, he and his wife removed all liquor and wine from the White House after being elected. After serving as president, Hayes retired in Fremont, where his home still stands.

James Garfield

  • 20th president (1880)
  • Birthplace: Orange

Garfield was known for his tenacity and as someone focused on uprooting corruption from politics. His efforts were cut short after he was assassinated by a gunshot 200 days into his term. Notably, Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, operated on him for days, but to no avail.

CBUStoday Ohio presidents 2

Former presidents Rutherford B. Hayes (left) and James Garfield (right). | Photos via The White House

Benjamin Harrison

  • 23rd president (1897-1901)
  • Birthplace: North Bend

As a 5-foot-6-inch man, many called this president “Little Ben.” But, Little Ben had big ideas; including being the first president to host conventions and campaign rallies from his front porch. After his presidency, Harrison moved to Indianapolis where his house still stands.

William McKinley

  • 25th president (1897-1901)
  • Birthplace: Niles

McKinley’s claim to fame is annexing Puerto Rico, Guam, the Phillipines, and Hawaii during his time in office. He was a fan favorite who was also known for at-home porch rallies. This led to him winning his election by the biggest margin of votes since 1872.

William H. Taft

  • 27th president (1909-1913)
  • Birthplace: Cincinnati

While Taft served in office as president, it’s his affinity for law and justice that makes him a notable figure in the history books. Taft is the only person to serve as both President and Chief of Justice.

Warren G. Harding

  • 29th president (1921-1923)
  • Birthplace: Blooming Grove

While Harding’s presidency is tainted due to the political and financial scandals, his impact can still be seen throughout central Ohio. The most palpable is in Marion, Ohio, where his home + memorial still stand. Additionally, he started the newspaper, The Marion Star, which is still in operation under USA Today.