Ted Carter appointed as new president for The Ohio State University

Ted Carter was formerly the president of the University of Nebraska before fullfilling this role with The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.

CBUStoday Ted Carter

The 17th president of the Ohio State University. | Photo by Jodi Miller/Ohio State

The wait is over — The Ohio State University appointed a new president + he comes from a familiar Big Ten university.

Ted Carter, former president of the University of Nebraska, is now the president of The Ohio State University. The schools Board of Trustees made the announcement on Tuesday afternoon, and he takes over the role at the start of 2024.

We at CBUStoday are Buckeye alumni, so we had to dig a little deeper into the new prez. Here’s what we found:

  • He has experience with a university of this size. While at Nebraska, the total university population was roughly 66,000 people (50,000 students + 16,000 facility), which is on par with OSU.
  • He does his research. Nebraska was ranked consistently in the top 100 for earning research patents under his tenure.
  • He’s a decorated veteran. This includes earning the title of 62nd Superintendent of the US Naval Academy in 2014-2019.