Columbus ranked No. 3 hottest housing market by

Yahoo Finance + reported the city remains one of the hottest markets in the country.

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Columbus real estate agents say areas like the German Village are timeless for buyers and sellers. | Photo by @exploringseasons

When it comes to 2023, the Columbus housing market is coming in hot.

At least that’s what the latest data from shows. On the January 2023 hottest markets list from, Columbus was ranked No. 3 in the country.

How did Columbus earn this ranking? The study looked into two factors for each market: unique views per property + the pace of sales. Columbus was ranked third in the nation for unique views, averaging 2.2 per property, and homes usually stayed on the market for roughly 59 days before selling.

That’s not all — Columbus asking prices are cheaper than the national average. According to last month’s home sales, the typical home sold for $344,000 which was $60,000+ less than the national average.

In total, five Ohio cities were named to the top 20 list, but none higher than Columbus. These are Dayton, Akron, Cincinnati, and Canton-Massalin. The only cities Columbus fell behind are Rochester, New York + Manchester-Nashua, New Hampshire, both of which were at the top spot according to last year’s data.

Want more data? has you covered with the January 2023 rental report where Columbus was ranked the fifth best city for low rent prices. Per the study, the average rent price in Columbus is $1,242 — how does that match with your bills?

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