Columbus social media star featured on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Alexis Nikole Nelson, better known as the Black Forager, takes Jimmy on a nature trip — literally.

CBUStoday Black Forager Jimmy Kimmel Live.png

From bug poop to mushrooms, Alexis helps Jimmy + Guillermo learn how to forage. | Screenshot via Jimmy Kimmel Live

From foraging around Columbus to exploring California with Jimmy Kimmel, Alexis Nikole Nelson is planting roots as a social media star.

Alexis, known by her social media nickname the Black Forager, is an influencer from Columbus + was just featured on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Tuesday, Jan. 17. She’s best known for finding native plant species + showing ways to safely eat these unsuspecting foods like seeds or flowers.

With the recent string of rain in California, Jimmy + his lovable partner Guillermo invited Alexis out to teach them how to forage. We’ve got the full clip right here, but be warned. There’s at least one foraged food these two City Editors in Columbus will not be eating.

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