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Construction updates and plans for the 800-acre development in Obetz, OH

The development has been named Buckstone and will feature residential and commercial space with community features like walking paths and a kayak park at the corner of Lockbourne and Rathmell roads.

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Berardi Partners is the architect for the massive development. | Renderings via Berardi Partners

Construction is underway for portions of the 800-acre, multi-use development in Obetz dubbed Buckstone, and we have details on the progression of the billion dollar project.

With this massive transformation, you may be wondering how the 800 acres will be divided:

  • 247 acres: Recreational and public space, including a disc golf course that is now open, walking paths that should open in 2024, and sports fields that are planned for 2025. Other projects are further out, like a canoe livery planned for 2028 and a kayak park that is expected for 2030.
  • 238 acres: Single-family homes and luxury apartments including Flats at Buckstone, which will feature 288 units that are expected to open this summer.
  • 127 acres: Retail and commercial space, which is still in early planning stages.

“As the Buckstone development progresses, the project team will continue to engage with residents and stakeholders to ensure that their voices are heard and their needs are addressed,” said Obetz City Administrator Rod Davisson.

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