Middle West Spirits completed its 75,000-sqft expansion

The expansion project will triple the distillery’s employment in 2024 and create an economic boost to the east side of Columbus.

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Will you plan to tour the new distillery? | Photo by @middlewestspirits

Middle West Spirits completed its 75,000-sqft distillery expansion, becoming one of the largest independent distillers in North America. We’re here to brew up the details on the 1221 Alum Creek Dr. space.

Expansion impact

The expansion will allow the independent distillery to triple its employment this year. Additionally, it will oversee 25,000 acres of local grain farmland. Through the reuse of land and structures, this project has also boosted the economy on the east side.

Local products and partnerships

Middle West produces 15 of its own products, ranging from whiskey and bourbon to vodka and gin.

The distillery also partners with local businesses and companies to ensure the highest quality products. With future hopes of partnering with local farmers for non-GMO grains and past partnerships with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams for Middle West Whiskey & Pecans ice cream — collaboration is at the distillery’s core.

“Now that our expansion is complete, we are excited to continue these partnerships and help more fellow distillers by assisting with all aspects of whiskey-making while we continue growing and innovating our own brands,” said Head Distiller and CEO Ryan Lang in a press release.

Seeing the new space

The expanded distillery is operating but not yet open to the public. According to Middle West on Instagram, tours will be provided “soon” as the remainder of the property is still being worked on.

We’ll share exciting updates on future tours as soon as the information becomes available.

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