When to ride e-scooters vs. CoGo bikes in Columbus, Ohio

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After an e-scooter wave hit Columbus a few years ago, a lot has changed with the rules. Though they are convenient, e-scooters can’t be driven in all parts of the city — so today, we’re looking at where in Columbus it’s best to use an e-scooter, and where you should opt for a CoGo bike.

As always, we encourage proper safety when it comes to using these alternative transportation methods, which can be found for both e-scooters + bikes on the city’s website.

🛴 Scooter selection

📍 Short North

If you drive down Neil Avenue and notice a row of parked e-scooters, that’s likely because e-scooters are banned along High Street in the Short North. The ban stretches from 5th Avenue to Goodale Street.

Our recommendation: Bike. Three CoGo stations can be found here — High Street and Hubbard Street; High Street and 2nd Avenue; and High Street and Russell Street. 🚲

📍 Downtown

With three CoGo stations + few e-scooter limitations, you have options when getting around downtown. The only restriction in the area is the Scioto Mile where e-scooters are banned.

Our recommendation: E-scooters are easily found here and can be easily parked — just stay clear of the Scioto Mile. 🛴

📍 Local parks

While e-scooters are banned at Goodale Park, Schiller Park, and Franklin Park, you’ll find CoGo bike pick-up + parking at all three parks.

Our recommendation: Bike, using this map from CoGo to plan your next trip. 🚲

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