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“Barbie” lands in Columbus with empowering COSI exhibit

A Barbie-themed experience is now on display at COSI in Columbus, Ohio that encourages young kids to follow their dreams.

CBUStoday Barbie COSI

The experience shows the 200+ different jobs Barbie has had over the years. | Photo via COSI/Anna Trankina

First, “Barbie” took over the big screens. Now, she’s taking over Columbus — specifically, COSI.

“Barbie: You Can Be Anything” experience is now happening at COSI until Jan. 7, 2024, and it encourages kids to follow their dreams. Let’s take a look at all the pretty pink things now on display.

  • Families can learn about 11 different jobs — ranging from president to pilot — as well as the 200+ jobs Barbie has held in her career.
  • View the 50+ year history of Barbie and Ruth Handler, the inventor of the doll + the reason you probably cried at the end of the hit film.
  • Celebrate women in history who have broken barriers for women of the future.

Want more Barbie in Columbus? Check out these AI-generated photos of what the city would look like if it was in Barbieland.

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