Hot takes with Cleveland Cavaliers’ guard Darius Garland

Cleveland Cavaliers’ point guard Darius Garland is the newest investor and adviser for Hot Chicken Takeover, a Columbus-based brand. We sat down with Garland to get his hot takes on food, travel, and more.

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Darius Garland will work as an influencer for HCT, bringing back his ideas during his travels around the US in the NBA. | Photo via Hot Chicken Takeover

Cleveland Cavaliers’ Darius Garland is known for his fiery play on the court, and now he’s making flames with Hot Chicken Takeover.

Garland + HCT announced that he will serve as the newest investor and adviser for the local hot chicken chain. As a Nashville-native, Garland said he quickly fell in love with the restaurant during his first year with the Cavs.

We sat down with DG the PG to have him dish out some hot (chicken) takes.

Q) Cleveland rock or Nashville country?
DG: Cleveland rock for sure. I’m just not a big country music guy.

Q) What’s your preferred spice level?
DG: I tried the ‘unholy hot’ today — it was miserable. So my favorite is mild.

Q) What’s your favorite side?
DG: Ma’s Mac.

Q) Wings, thighs, or tenders?
DG: I’m a tenders guy. They are so convenient.

Q) Lemonade, iced tea, or sweet tea?
DG: Lemonade.

Bonus: Phil Petrilli, CEO of HCT, noted that one of Garland’s first suggestions was a signature lemonade — so stay tuned.

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