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David Brandt, Ohio man behind “honest work” meme passes away

Ohio man David Brandt found viral fame in 2012 after a photo of him became a beloved meme on the internet, which it still stands as today.

CBUStoday David Brandt

This Ohio man found internet fame thanks to this photo. | Photo via USDA

Today, we’re honoring David Brandt — an Ohio man who took the internet by storm and made us all smile.

On Monday, May 22, David passed away at the age 76 in Fairfield County in Ohio, just southeast of Columbus. And it’s this tragic news that has brought his story, and photo, back to everyone’s minds.

David went viral for a photo of himself casually standing on a farm. It was discovered by Reddit, where one user captioned with big text, “It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.” That joke quickly resonated, both as a funny joke + a representation of honesty and hard work.

So thank you to David, and to his family. And you can read more about him and the legacy he’s leaving behind.

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