Intel names $20 billion semiconductor factory, releases new renderings

The tech giant celebrated one year since announcing expansion plans by naming the project + releasing new renderings.

CBUStoday Intel rendering 1.png

A total of 10,000+ jobs are expected to be created from Intel’s investment. | Rendering via Intel

There’s no confusing Intel’s $20 billion semiconductor factory in New Albany — it’s simply the “Ohio One.”

It’s been one year since Intel announced its expansion plans into central Ohio + the tech company celebrated the milestone by officially naming the project. Now known as Ohio One, Intel’s Ohio general manager Jim Evers hopes this will become, “the new epicenter of leading-edge technology.”

CBUStoday Intel rendering 2.png

This will be Intel’s first semiconductor facotry in the Midwest. | Rendering via Intel

The announcements didn’t stop there, either. Crews have been hard at work preparing the ground for eventual construction + Intel released new renderings to show folks how the company plans to use nearly 1,000acres of space. These reports also note that 90% of construction crews have been from Ohio.

So, what exactly goes into preparing the biggest tech project in state history? Intel released statistics that we thought were worth digging into:

  • 1 million cubic yards of earth has been moved.
  • 600,000 tons of rock has been moved.
  • 100,000 tons of lime has been moved.
  • 160,000+ hours spent on the site.
CBUStoday Intel rendering 3.png

New Albany annexed this land from Jersey Township in 2021 in preparation for this project. | Rendering via Intel

Intel is also looking to mitigate its environmental impacts. The national company reports that it donates + supports various renewable and alternate energy efforts which mitigates its contribution to landfills + overall water usage.

Local colleges and schools also will see a boost as Intel created $100 million partnership with educational institutions. Colleges like The Ohio State University have already created a relationship with the tech giant.

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