Kitty Bubble Café offers cats + drinks in Columbus, Ohio

Play with adoptable cats + sip back coffee, tea, wine, or beer.

CBUStoday Kitty Bubble Cafe

Find a new furry friend to take home, or just hang out with for an hour. | Photo via @kittybubblecafe

If your favorite part of the day is coming home to your cat + a glass of wine, Kitty Bubble Café & Bar is a place you’re going to want to get your paws on. It’s hosting a soft opening this week and we’re sharing the details.

This new cat café, located at 5568 N. High St., is a place to hang out with kitties or adopt one to take home. Many of the cats are one-year-old + the space is designed to be relaxing and comforting. This means the cats are free roaming around the facility with scratching posts, climbing towers, and plenty of toys.

If you are ready to bring home your forever friend, Colony Cats will help facilitate the adoption process. Once finished, 100% of the adoption fees ($50-$100) are donated back to Colony Cats.

CBUStoday Kitty Bubble Cafe cafe side

Bright pastel colors fill the café side of Kitty Bubble. | Photo via @kittybubblecafe

But that’s just the cat portion. While you hang out with these felines, you can sip back a drink of your choice — yes, wine included. Kitty Bubble offers alcoholic drinks + coffee, tea, and bubble tea. We recommend something from the featured menu, like the Pink Toe Beans which is a green milk bubble tea with strawberry.

Currently, all visits to the cat side must be reserved online. Time slots include an hour visit for $15, or a weekday pass which offers 8 hours of visit time at your discretion during the week of purchase.

Visitors can stop in the café side, which is separate from the cat side, without purchasing a reservation to enjoy the drink menu. And with a special HVAC unit, the café side is aimed to be allergy friendly.

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