Two Columbus brands partner for Outdoor Trail Pass

Experience Columbus and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission have created the Outdoor Trail Pass to encourage the community to get outside this season.

Scenic views at Quarry Trails | Photo by @mmramz

Quarry Trails is one of the 40+ parks in the program. | Photo by @mmramz

Getting outdoors in Columbus has never been so rewarding thanks to Experience Columbus + the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission.

These two groups have partnered to create the Columbus Outdoor Trails Pass, a digital passport that lets you check-in at different parks to earn rewards at local businesses. The passport also comes with tips for each trail you are visiting, including how to find bald eagle nests, waterfalls, and scenic spots.

The process is easy, too. Signing up is done online and no apps are needed to maintain this. Instead, users will be sent a passport via email or text. Once they have it, they can turn on GPS location services on their phone while on the trail to log the adventure in the passport.

Not sure where to start? Experience Columbus created itineraries that take hikers on a 7.5-mile journey, or a lengthier 18-mile quest.

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