20 Chinese restaurants the Columbus locals love

Wondering where to go to satisfy your Chinese food craving? CBUStoday readers and followers recommend trying these 20 spots.

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China Bell offers carryout as well. | Photo by @chinabellrestaurant

Sometimes, the cure for the winter blues is simply some crab rangoon and chicken fried rice — or is that just us?

We were on a quest to find the top Chinese restaurants in the city, so we asked our readers to share their local favorites. These are the 20 fortunes they shared:

Lucky House, 56 E. Schrock Rd.

“I usually get egg rolls, crab rangoon, and for the main entrée Cashew Delight. So good!” said reader Rayne S.

Eastern Palace Restaurant, 6078 E. Livingston Ave.

“I personally believe the best and authentic Chinese is Eastern Palace on Brice Road closet cross street is Livingston. Eggrolls are homemade and fantastic,” shared reader Sue.

Chi Tai Restaurant, 5577 N. Hamilton Rd.

“Intimate Pan-Asian eatery with regional Chinese and Thai offerings; full bar,” said reader Lynda P.

China Bell, 1947 Stringtown Rd.

Can’t choose just one meal? Try the Sunday buffet with the whole family to sample a little bit of everything.

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This picture gives you something to look forward to when Hunan Lion reopens. | Photo by @hunanlion614

Lotus Grill, 150 Hutchinson Ave.

“In my humble opinion, Lotus Grill in Crosswoods north of 270 belongs at the top of any best restaurant list. The best Pad Thai ever,” said reader Kevin M.

Hunan Lion, 2038 Crown Plaza Dr.

This spot received the most recognition from readers, especially for its elegant decor. However, it’s currently closed due to a kitchen fire and eyeing a spring reopening.

Joy Food One, 4910 Morse Rd.

Our reader Lori said this is a great spot if you’re looking for Chinese food in the northeast area.

Silk Road Asian Cuisine, Multiple locations

Create your own dish with up to five vegetables, sauce, and protein like shrimp or chicken at locations in Westerville and Lewis Center.

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Main Moon is known for its large portions. | Photo by @yagun.eats

Main Moon, 2173 W. Granville Rd.

“Just west of Olentangy Road... excellent service, clean and all food is great!” said reader Cathy W.

Ding Ho, 120 Phillipi Rd.

Try the party platters that serve six to eight people, ranging from options like seafood, fried rice, and lo mein.

Ye’s Asian Vegan Kitchen, 2469 Hilliard Rome Rd.

Who said Chinese food can’t be vegan-friendly? Try the soy protein nuggets or vegetable dumplings.

Reunion Asian Kitchen, 805 Hill Rd. N.

“Food is wonderful and Grace does everything she can to make it just like you like it! Amazing!” said reader Margie M.

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Try authentic Chinese and Asian American dishes. | Photo via Sunflower Chinese Restaurant & Lounge

Sunflower Chinese Restaurant, 7370 Sawmill Rd.

“They have really good dim sum,” said reader Cindy B.

Ming Flower, 475 Lazelle Rd.

Reader Anne C. recommends this Westerville spot. Try the spicy crispy pork or Singapore noodles.

Wing’s, 2801 E. Main St.

Don’t let the name fool you — no chicken wings are served here. Reader Sandy W. suggests this spot for classic Chinese fare.

Saigon Asian Bistro, 50 Neverland Dr.

Reader Paul K. says the hot and sour soup is a must-try.

Our Instagram followers also suggested these restaurants:

Did we miss your favorite spot? Let us know so we can continue adding to this list.

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