Hear from former OSU point guard CJ Jackson ahead of TBT 2023

We sat down with Jackson to discuss his time as a Buckeye, Carmen’s Crew taking on TBT, and his favorite CBUS spots when he’s back in town.


We caught up with point guard CJ Jackson after practice. | Photo by CBUStoday

TBT — a 64-team basketball tournament with a $1 million prize — is officially underway. Former Buckeye greats have assembled the team Carmen’s Crew, and their first game takes place tomorrow.

We sat down with former OSU captain and point guard CJ Jackson ahead of the single-elimination tournament.

What was your favorite memory as a Buckeye?
Being able to put the jersey on and represent something more than myself. This university means a lot, so I can’t name just one memory, but the whole experience itself is special to me.

What’s it been like playing overseas?
It has its ups and downs, but it’s a blessing to be able to continue to play. There are no complaints.

What does it mean to be apart of this tournament?
This tournament is growing and becoming a big deal. With OSU not having a team the past couple years and then wanting me to play this year, it’s a blessing. I’m playing alongside guys I used to play with here and some new faces, so we’re enjoying it.

What can fans expect from Carmen’s Crew?
You can expect the same things we brought during our time here. We had a successful season here so I think we’ll have a successful tournament.

When you’re back in Columbus, what are some of your go-to spots?
The Eagle and Arch City Tavern are some of my favorites. I like coming back to Columbus, especially because I don’t get to often.

Grab tickets to watch Carmen’s Crew play at UD Arena in Dayton tomorrow, July 26 at 6 p.m. And, since Jackson says we can expect the same things as when he was a Buckeye, maybe there’s a buzzer-beater victory in store.

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