Inspiring sisters: Jacy and Emmy Sheldon

Jacy Sheldon is leading the Buckeyes to another successful season, but that’s not possible without the support from her younger sister Emmy.


Emmy said her favorite sport is basketball, just like her sister. | Photo provided by Jacy Sheldon

Jacy Sheldon is one of the best Ohio State basketball players to ever come through the program. In her fifth season with the Buckeyes, she surpassed 1,500 career points — becoming just the 17th player in program history to do so.

But Jacy’s relationship with her younger sister Emmy — the team’s biggest cheerleader — might be more moving than her skills on the court.

After attending Dublin Coffman High School, Jacy became a Buckeye and is still able to see her sister often — especially since she attends nearly every OSU game.

Emmy can often be seen on the sidelines while the Buckeyes are warming up, greeting each player with a high five or leading an “O-H” chant.

“We have a really special relationship,” said Jacy. “I’m glad I was able to come to Ohio State and stay really close to her.”

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Emmy proudly wears No. 4 on the sidelines in support of her sister. | Photo provided by Jacy Sheldon

Now, Emmy is an honorary member of the team.

“The team has welcomed her from day one,” Jacy said. “It’s to the point now where if she’s not at a game everyone’s in panic like, ‘what’s going on? Where’s Emmy?’”

For Jacy, it’s more than just having her sister around; it’s sharing her sister with her teammates.

“It’s awesome, they look at her like their little sister, they treat her like their little sister,” Jacy explained. “She has that effect on them, and it’s pretty special for me to see her get to know them and get so close to them and have such a huge impact on them.”

Emmy’s support for Jacy and the Buckeyes shines throughout the arena. Emmy was quick to answer her favorite part of coming to the games.

“Brutus,” she said. “Brutus loves me, and he gave me a Valentine. And I’m a very good cheerleader.”

When asked about her favorite quality of Jacy’s, Emmy couldn’t pick just one.

“Jacy is really pretty, and she is fast,” Emmy said. “She is speedy, and she listens to my words. Jacy plays basketball a lot, and I love her.”

She also shared her approval of Jacy’s offense, which is a team-best 18 points per game.

“Pretty good shots,” Emmy said. “And Cotie too, and Madison.” Cotie McMahon and Madison Greene are two fellow talented Buckeyes.

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Emmy is known for her high fives, like the one she’s giving Jacy here. | Photo provided by Jacy Sheldon

Jacy is just as inspired by her younger sister. She noted the challenges her sister has faced in life living with Down syndrome, especially at a young age. It’s Emmy’s constant optimism and happy personality that serve as Jacy’s fuel.

“I think it motivates me,” Jacy said. “Whether it’s school, or whether it’s on the court. These experiences that I have, she won’t always have. So it’s something that I always remember and I find important going through everyday life.”

No. 13 Ohio State plays at 1 p.m. today against Belmont. Grab tickets to see Jacy in action and cheer alongside Emmy in the stands.

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