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Most new year’s resolutions last less than 2 weeks, but if you’re embarking on a new fitness journey in 2022, explore some of the non-traditional workout classes Columbus has to offer.

The Bounce Club | Trampoline Fitness

The Bounce Club in Powell was founded by a former Ohio State cheerleader, and aside from offering open jumps, there are also Fit Jump classes held on the trampolines. During these fun, interactive classes you can plan to get a full body workout while jumping, completing circuit training, and incorporating weights + medicine balls.

Fit Jump classes are every Mon. + Thurs. at 7-8 p.m., Fri. at 10-11 a.m. + Sat. at 9-10 a.m. Jump shoes or socks are available to use with every class and there are modifications for all fitness levels and age ranges. It can’t hurt to try, your first class is free.

Pro tip: Your Fit Jump instructor might be City Editor, Hanna, if you try a class on a Thursday or Saturday.

Trampoline fitness class.

City Editor, Hanna, teaching Fit Jump at The Bounce Club | Photo by @thebounceclub

AKT | Dance Fitness

AKT fitness classes are high-energy and high-intensity. Be prepared to work hard but have fun doing it. The Dance + Tone + Intervals class is a mix of choreographed dance sections intermixed with short strength intervals.

If you want less dancing but are still craving all the energy this studio has to offer, try the Box + Bands + Intervals class. You will get your heart rate up with resistance bands and sports based exercises on boxes. Nervous to commit? No need to worry — your first class is free.

City Editor Approved — Hanna here, and I tried the Box + Bands + Intervals class, and let me tell you, it was one of the most fun but challenging classes I have ever taken. Expect loud music, low lighting, and lots of energy from your instructor. The time will fly by. 💃

YMCA of Central Ohio | Water Fitness

Not only is water fitness great resistance exercise, but it is low-impact, which is better for our joints. YMCA of Central Ohio offers a variety of engaging water fitness classes to give individuals a great sweat without the joint stress.

Some options they offer include warm water with low intensity classes, aqua zumba, aqua jogs, arthritis aquatic class, and a range of hydro power classes. Select classes are free for members. 🏊

Row House | Rowing Fitness

Rowing is another excellent way to build aerobic endurance with low-impact. The full body circuits are designed to reach all fitness levels. Rowing engages your arms, core, legs, and back, and works towards strengthening your muscles. Row it out for free at your first class.

This class is also City Editor Approved. I took my first class as a beginner rower and the instructor made me feel very comfortable while feeling the burn.

Wanting more? Click here to find your niche and sign up for a variety of classes.

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