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5 questions we asked AI about Columbus

These are the questions and answers about Columbus, Ohio we found through ChatGPT, an online artificial intelligence program.

CBUStoday skyline 2

Have you noticed the recent smog over Columbus? | Photo via Canva

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We made an account with ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence site, and with the help of reader-submitted questions — we asked it nearly everything under the sun about Columbus. Here are the top five results.

Important note: Anything written by ChatGPT will be in italics for clarity.

Have you tried the electric CoGo bikes? | Photo via @cogobikeshare on Instagram

Have you tried the electric CoGo bikes? | Photo via @cogobikeshare on Instagram

5.) How would AI improve CBUS?

By expanding and improving public transportation options such as buses, light rail, or commuter trains, Columbus could reduce traffic congestion, lower carbon emissions, and make the city more accessible for people who rely on public transit.

people enjoying Kaufman plaza behind the Columbus Metropolitan Library's Main Library

The Columbus Metropolitan Library is a key place for education, culture, and history. | Photo via Columbus Metropolitan Library

4.) Describe CBUS in 10-words or less.

Diverse, vibrant city with culture, innovation, and friendly communities.

Let your opinion be heard on parking in the Short North. | Photo by Amish Oza via @shortnorthartsdistrict

The Short North arches. | Photo by Amish Oza via @shortnorthartsdistrict

3.) Besides CBUS, what is a good nickname for Columbus?

  • The Discovery City: Reflecting its historical connection to exploration and discovery.
  • The Arch City: A reference to the numerous arches on High Street and the Short North neighborhood.
  • Cowtown: A historic nickname stemming from the city’s early years when it was a center of the cattle industry.
CBUStoday Indy skyline

Ohio State fans are all too familiar with Indianapolis, the host city of the Big Ten Championship game. | Photo via Canva

2.) What US city is most comparable to Columbus?

One city that is often compared to Columbus is Indianapolis, Indiana. Here are some reasons why:

  • Both Columbus and Indianapolis are state capitals.
  • Both cities are mid-sized metropolises with similar population sizes.
  • Both cities are home to major sports teams.
  • Both cities are home to prominent universities.

Bonus: Both have awesome newsletters operated by 6AM City — maybe we snuck this one in here...

CBUStoday Ottawa Canada

Be right back — we are booking the first flight to Ottawa for journalistic purposes.| Photo via Canva

1.) What non-US city is most comparable to Columbus?

If you are looking for a non-U.S. city with some similarities to Columbus in terms of size, economy, and cultural aspects, you might consider comparing it to a city like Ottawa, Canada.