CBUStoday celebrates its two-year anniversary in Columbus

CBUStoday turns two-years-old at the end of December, marking another year of good news, culture, and events in Columbus, Ohio.

CBUStoday year two

The two editors celebrated two years with pet portrait paintings at Studio 614. | Photo by CBUStoday

Happy birthday to us.

Is that vain? Don’t answer that. We are too busy celebrating another year of bringing you the best news, updates, and events in Columbus, Ohio. And with that in mind, we had City Editors Mitch + Hanna sit down for a two year Q+A.

Q.) What was your first story?

Q.) What’s your all-time favorite story?

  • M: I love diving into history, and old COSI was a photo treat to explore.
  • H: I love speaking to the people of Columbus, like this Q+A with Sebastian La Rocca, a local award-winning chef.

Q.) What’s your Columbus-themed Roman empire?

Q.) What’s your favorite random CBUS fact?

  • M: The NFL used to be headquartered in Columbus.
  • H: Greats like Guy Fieri and Rascal Flatts are from Columbus.