Data centers continue to grow in Columbus

Columbus, Ohio is home to some of the biggest tech companies in the world thanks to these data centers around the region.


A view of a current Google Data Center in Iowa. | Photo by Chad Davis

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Consider us your I.T. wizards as we plug you into all the updates on data centers in central Ohio.

Recent announcements

  • Microsoft is on the way. The tech giant purchased 289 acres in Pataskala and 183 acres in New Albany.
  • Amazon plans to invest $7.8 billion into central Ohio for more data centers. Of this pot of money, $3.5 billion has been invested into five more data centers in New Albany.
  • Earlier this year, Google announced it will build two new data centers: One in Columbus + one in Lancaster.
  • Work is already underway on the $1.5+ billion expansion to Facebook’s data centers.

Already established

There are 25 total businesses that have data centers in central Ohio. Some of the biggest names include:

  • Amazon
  • Discover
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • IBM
CBUStoday data center inside generic

Many data centers are used for streaming services, online shopping, or social networking. | Photo by Brett Sayles/Pexels

Largest provider

Currently, Amazon Web Services leads the region with seven total data centers. They are in the following locations:

  • Three in Dublin
  • Three in New Albany
  • One in Hilliard

Amazon also has the largest facility with its 345-acre business park in New Albany. And, it appears they are just getting started in the Buckeye State.

Counting centers

As of November 2023, there are 40 total data centers in Columbus. With recent announcements, our estimations put that at 49.

Local impact

According to many releases, data centers require nearly 2,000 construction jobs to build out facilities. Once finished, they only need 100-200 employees.

Fortunately, the buck doesn’t always stop there. Amazon, for example, will create educational programs as a result of its multi-billion dollar investments. Additionally, they closely work with public and private organizations, such as JobsOhio.

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