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5 haunted places in Columbus for Friday the 13th

Browse before-and-after photos of five locations in Columbus, Ohio that are reportedly haunted by ghosts, spirits, and otherworldly beings.

CBUStoday Schiller Park fall

Schiller Park in German Village is always a picture-perfect site. | Photo by CBUStoday

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When Friday the 13th lands in October, you are required by haunted law to tell spooky stories.

So, that’s what we are doing. We’ve scanned local resources + the internet to find the creep of the crop. Gather round.

CBUStoday Thurber House before and after

The white shades and green finishing remain an iconic feature of the Thurber House. | Photos via Columbus Metropolitan Library + Google Maps

The Thurber House

James Thurber, the former home owner, is said to be lurking the halls. The famed author and cartoonist reportedly throws books off the shelves and roams around at night. Perhaps the home is to blame — Thurber described his own paranormal experiences while living there.

CBUStoday OSU campus before-and-after

There are plenty more haunted tales from OSU’s campus — do you have any? | Photos via Columbus Metropolitan Library + Canva

The Ohio State University

There are plenty of ghostly visits, but we’re highlighting The Hopkins Handprint. The story is of a young student who had a breakdown after becoming trapped in an elevator for an entire night. After being discovered, the elevator had been covered in scribbles and hand prints. Now, as a spirit fueled by spite, she sometimes leaves her handprint on the side of the building.

CBUStoday Walhalla Road before and after.png

Would you take a stroll down one of Ohio’s most haunted roads? | Photos via Google Maps

Walhalla Road

There’s no evidence that the Mooney Mansion resided here, but local lore claims a doctor went mad and attacked his family. Now, the blue light that once shined from the mansion’s attic can sometimes be seen at night — symbolic of Dr. Mooney’s eerie presence.

CBUStoday Elevator before and after.png

This location has been home to many different local businesses, and spirits. | Photos via Columbus Metropolitan Library + Elevator Brewing

Elevator Brewing and Draught Haus

Col. Randolph Pritchard, an alleged abuser in the 1900s, was stabbed by one of his victims on a snowy night. Some claim they’ve seen the two in present day, with Pritchard lurking inside + the woman occasionally leaving footprints in the snow around 10:05 p.m., the time of the stabbing.

CBUStoday High Street tunnels.png

We’ll admit — this is less haunted and more creepy. | Photos via Google Maps

Underground Tunnels

There’s something off-putting about abandoned projects, and that’s the case with these 100+ year old tunnels. These were built, in-large part, due to community outcry after a local man was hit by a car crossing High Street, resulting in him losing his leg.

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