The 2023 fall bucket list for Columbus

Make the most of autumn in Columbus, OH by trying these seasonal events, outdoor shows, and local parks from September-November.


Even spending time outside on a clear, sunny day is sure to wow guests in Columbus.

Photo by @djgonzownci

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Welcome to the -ber months.

Not sure what that means? We’re talking September, October, and November — otherwise known as the best season in all of Ohio. It’s officially fall, and there’s no time to waste. Here’s what you need to do to make the most of it.

Find the foliage

Break out the rakes. This fall foliage map, created by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, has the leaves changing colors around mid-October in central Ohio. We recommend stopping by these scenic parks.

See the shows

Consider this a choose-your-own-local-adventure: Do you prefer fall concerts or fall festivals? Why not both?

CBUStoday Leeds Farm

Find 100+ pumpkins and gourds at Leeds Farm on the weekends. | Photo via @leedsfarm

Pick the patch

Take a quick road trip to a nearby county and pick up locally grown pumpkins. Plus, many of these farms offer petting zoos, fresh apple cider, and kid-friendly activities. This quintessential fall day is already planned for you on our site.

Stream the scary (movies)

Head to a local theater to watch a new or classic horror movie. New releases include “Saw X,” and theaters like Gateway Film Center + Marcus Theatre Crosswoods have screened favorites such as “Halloween” in the past. Plus, did you know these six horror flicks have ties to Ohio?

Latte at The Roosevelt | Photo via @unofoodiegirl

Try this seasonal cinnamon roll latte from Roosevelt this fall. | Photo via @unofoodiegirl

Savor the season

We firmly believe all fall days should begin with a pumpkin-flavored drink. Skip the long lines at your favorite chain spot and grab one of these local options instead.

Bonus: Open the windows

Picture this: A cool breeze just rolled through your window as the morning sunlight begins to peek in. With a sigh of relief, you can finally turn off your air conditioning.

How do you spend your autumn? Let us know and we may add our favorites to this bucket list.

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