Find comfort food dishes from across the globe, including Indian, Ethiopian, and Somali cuisine.
This list of volunteer opportunities in Columbus, OH includes everything from dog walking to art gallery tours.
Find three pumpkin patches within 35 miles of the city.
Autumn is here, and there are many local pumpkin flavors like lattes, beer, and desserts to try.
Did you know Dodge Park’s skate park was designed by Frank Peter Rupert Hawk, Tony Hawk’s dad?
Eat and Drink
Scan the QR code on the beer to learn more about voting laws and registration dates in Ohio.
Head to the outfield at Huntington Park for games, music, and 50+ breweries sampling 150+ beers.
Enjoy German-themed drinks, food, and activities and celebrations across the city.
Find deals at 20+ local restaurants.
Home and Garden
Groovy Plants Ranch has a variety of indoor and outdoor plants, including a fall collection, and a jam-packed events calendar for visitors.
Celebrate National Indoor Plant Week by shopping at a local indoor plant shops across the city.
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